Skills and jobs dynamic referential

Our bots continuously retrieve CVs, job offers, and training catalogues available on the Internet. Data is analyzed by our semantic engine to extract relevant jobs and skills and update our referential in real time. Our engine then groups skills in macro-skills and jobs in domains to enable different levels of analysis. Finally, our semantic matching engine connects the dots and brings together in our dynamic and unique referential:

• skills and jobs found on the job and training market,
• standard referentials (ESCO, ROME, O*Net),
• and company referentials.

In order to perform these tasks, we rely on cutting-edge AI technologies:

• Word2Vec algorithms (word embedding) developed by Google
• fastText algorithms (text classification) developed by Facebook
• Clustering algorithms (classification and grouping)
• Algorithms dedicated to analysis and matching of skills with jobs



Psychometric Scanner

The right fit between a person and a need (whether it be a position or an assignment) depends on hard skills as well as - if not mostly - on soft skills. That is the reason why we are developing a pyschometric scanner able to detect an individual's personality traits.

The data we deal with here is very sensitive by nature and we pay utmost attention to their security and confidentiality, especially towards someone's employer.

Our psychometric scanner brings together numerous scientific research in order to create the most accurate representation of a person:

• Big5 psychological models / HEXACO used in the professional world
• Proven psychometric games Jeux based on WISC-V (reference test for general intellectual ability)
• Machine Learning algorithms (supervised learning) dedicated to video CV processing



Intelligent Casting Engine

Getting the right person, at the right place, at the right time requires taking into account a variety of parameters, both objective and subjective: budget, availability, proximity, hard skills, soft skills, career path preferences, team complementarity, culture fit.

In order to address these issues, we have developed an intelligent casting engine, which continuously learns from previous results and searchs for the best trade-off to bring together overall performance and individual concerns. This engine combines several technologies:

• Individual psychometric profile vectorization algorithm
• Machine Learning algorithms (supervised learning)
• Focus on contextual search for close profiles and positions
• Integration of cultural dimensions (Culture Fit)
• Rule engine and algorithms for constrained optimization



Interactive mapping of the skills available in your organization

Advanced techniques in interactive visualization enable to compare, filter, zoom in, and browse data. They make trends, patterns, and relations betwwen data more visible. They transform mere data in insightful information and enable better decision-making.

We build on the latest DataViz technologies to offer interactive charts and dynamic dashboards: DC.js, visjs, leaflet, D3.js.

These technologies applied to a dynamic skills and jobs referential, psychometric profiles, skill needs, skills within your professional network, as well as market trends, make it possible to interactively map skills available within your company and ecosystem.



Market trends and predictive analyses

Our bots continuously retrieve data related to skills and jobs on the Internet. The analysis of this data grants a unique perspective on the skills and jobs market: emergence of new skills and jobs,disappeaance of others, career paths, transformation of existing trades... Of course, all date may be filtered by field, region, or even company.

Are you familiar with your customers' hiring strategy or that of your competitors? Which skills are they looking for? There is here a wealth of information and hence business opportunities.

Not only do we provide you with an analysis of your market and associates, but also do we combine it with the power of Artificial Intelligence to anticipate and predict their evolution. For instance, our engine predicts the employability of your associates along with their trainings needs and their likelihood to leave your company.

Personal Data Protection

Personal Data Protection

Hosting in France
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Compliance with CNIL & GDPR

Integrated with your information system

Integrated with your information system

Standard API
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OAuth Authentication / SSO

Specialized Artificial Intelligence

Specialized Artificial Intelligence

Semantic Analysis
Psychometric Matching
Machine Learning

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