You have no cristal ball to manage your activity.
Welcome to the augmented business age.

It's no small job to make the best decisions when you have to consider many aspects of your business. Unclear client requests and last-minute changes, staffing moves, team turnover, productivity losses, absences and unexpected events, goals of one and all… it gives you a headache, right ? Let our AI capture and process all of the data to help you take insightful decisions.
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You have no cristal ball to manage your activity.<br /><span>Welcome to the augmented business age.</span>

Augmented steering

Monitor your activity with real-time data. Check out key events highlighted by our AI.
  • Staffing trends analysis
  • Intelligent activity feed with key events that impact on performance
  • Proactive identification of key events that impact on your future margin
Augmented steering

Profitability Analysis

Detect and get rid of staffing wastes. Give a boost to your margin.
  • Occupation rates monitoring and goal gap analysis
  • Average daily rates monitoring and unprofitable missions identification
  • Productivity losses identification :
  • Inter-contrat
  • Missed opportunities
  • Lack of reactivity
  • Lack of visibility
  • Frauds
Profitability Analysis

Skills Gap Analysis

Identify skills that boost your revenue. Identify where you lose opportunities.
  • Identification of highly sought-after skills by your clients
  • Potential revenue identification by skill
  • Identification of skills to be recruited in priority
Skills Gap Analysis

Predictive Analysis

Stay ahead of your competitors!
  • Staffing evolution anticipation
  • Analysis of sought-after skills by the market
Predictive Analysis

We are stronger together than apart

Reason why Whoz is fully integrated with your BI!
We are stronger together than apart