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Success story Keyrus

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Keyrus chooses a unique platform, Whoz, to digitize its entire resource management and planning process and maximize its profitability.


With its SaaS solution, Whoz helps design and engineering firms like Keyrus to conquer new territories and bring innovative development projects to life.

The objective

The digitization of operational assignment processes allows Keyrus to meet three major challenges: improve its revenues, effectively optimize inter-contracting and maintain its competitiveness.

The solution

To maximize its profitability, Keyrus has chosen Whoz to achieve 4 objectives: accelerate the preparation of its commercial offers, pilot its activity in real time, project and anticipate its evolution, identify the skills to be recruited and developed.
Specialist in consulting and technology, Keyrus develops innovative solutions to give meaning to data in order to increase performance.
This is the maximum time to access all of Keyrus’ profiles. The casting engine suggests consultants that match the client’s needs. It facilitates a multi-criteria search: skills, profession, day rate, availability, location or seniority.
margin points
This is the average annual turnover gained since the deployment of the Whoz solution. A benefit observed thanks to a fine optimization of the activity and inter-contract periods of the consultants.
less than
That’s how fast the AI Whoz can do a semantic analysis of consultants’ CVs. The result ? A clear and precise vision thanks to a relevant, dynamic and always updated skills map.

Eric Cohen

Founder & CEO – Keyrus

The positioning of Whoz consists in that the heart of the matter is staffing which allows to improve your profit margins. Instead of sending Excel spreadsheets, having a focus on staffing is very important. Whoz unifies the vision of staffing across the company.

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