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Success story Ouicoding

Save precious time on recruitment.

Success Story Ouicoding


“The matching algorithm is so efficient that it allows us to accelerate the recruitment of future OUIcodeurs.” – Thierry Kientega, CEO of OUIcoding


OUIcoding transforms the management of its resources

thanks to the collaborative platform Whoz.

The objective

OUIcoding chose the Whoz to respond to 3 major challenges: anticipate market needs by aligning the strategy of talent skills with those of its clients, build loyalty among its teams (internal, freelancers and partners), as well as improve its margins and maintain its competitiveness.

The solution

The matching algorithm of Whoz allows the company to save precious time on the recruitment of future OUIcodeurs. The functionalities are multiple and customizable that perfectly matches the needs of the company.
OUIcoding is a tech and creative consulting company whose mission is to identify, train and connect the best tech talents from around the world ( programmers, UX-UI, engineers) to the best innovative companies in Europe.
busy talents
who can be positioned on short or medium term assignments.
more leads processed
due to better tools and clear historical data.
reduction in response time
30 minutes instead of 4 hours to process automatically formatted resumes.

Why Whoz ?

What do you appreciate most about Whoz ?
“The matching algorithm is efficient and allows us to save precious time when recruiting future OUIcodeurs. We were also charmed by the interface which is very pleasant. The features are multiple but above all customizable, which allows us to create a space that corresponds to our business needs.”

How is the deployment going ?
“The deployment is fast and efficient. In a few days, we were guided from A to Z on the tasks we had to perform in order to prepare our space as well as possible. The platform is very easy to use. Our Customer Success Manager also organised regular training and Q&A sessions with our various teams. We always feel supported in this adventure!”

How do your teams adhere to the solution ?
“Each team learns day by day to use Whoz. New ideas, time savings but also simplicity of collaboration within a single tool is very pleasant for them.”

Are you ready to take the power to booster your business ? Get started by trying Whoz !

Ready to take-off ?

Make your success more likely and sustainable. Try Whoz to streamline your assignment processes,

to always position the best talent on a given assignment and to see your growth improve.

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