Created in 2016 by consulting and HR professionals, Whoz aims to support each person in her career management and her skills development.

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But Why?

Given that 50% of today's jobs will no longer exist in 2030 and that our careers are likely to get longer thanks to the progress of science, how can we continue to acquire the right skills at the right time?

That would make a great mission statement, wouldn't it?


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You're interested in this project? Then embark on the journey, develop your skills, and acquire new ones.

If you think of a position in terms of why, and not how; if you focus on what you do now and keep an eye on what you'll do tomorrow, then we should definitely meet.

And if there is a little crazy something about you, then we sure need to meet!

Personal Data Protection

Personal Data Protection

Hosting in France
Private Cloud
Compliance with CNIL & GDPR

Integrated with your information system

Integrated with your information system

Standard API
HRIS, ERP, CRM Connectors
OAuth Authentication / SSO

Specialized Artificial Intelligence

Specialized Artificial Intelligence

Semantic Analysis
Psychometric Matching
Machine Learning

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