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Save time staffing new projects. Every time. 

Better resource allocation and strategic project assignments unlock new levels of productivity. Whoz can do that. And much more.

faster in responding to needs
of client staffing needs pre-assigned
assignments optimized with Whoz

Match the right people with the right projects for optimal results.

Maintain control over your projects and assignments.

As your business grows, so do your teams and talent ecosystem. Keeping track of an increasing number of projects, skills and assignments can soon become an overwhelming task.

There must be a better way!

What if you could analyze, identify and assign the right talent profiles to the right projects, all in one spot? Imagine a solution that manages everyone’s availability at once. One that could find the best talent for the assignment in no time. What if it could streamline your needs and anticipate demand? Whoz can do that. Meet the powerful, intelligent skills base that works for your business.

Simple, structured management designed to boost profits. Expect nothing less.

Allocate resources more efficiently

Whoz centralizes your profiles in one spot for constant visibility of available skills. 

Benefit from reliable data

A dynamic dashboard shows each person’s past, present and future availability.

Get the most out of each project

Real-time visibility into your resources and their assignments lets you respond with agility.

Gain insight for informed decisions

Well-managed projects are the key to running a successful business and improving margins.

The best-fit solution for your business. All your projects at glance.

  • Manage resource allocation in real-time.
  • Put the right people on the right projects for better results.
  • Plan with confidence.
  • Keep projects on track and improve delivery.
  • Turn available days into billable days
  • Make better decisions, period.

Gain the clarity, control and confidence only Whoz can deliver.


View your requests and all the details in one place for faster assignments.


Our AI-powered engine finds the perfect match by recommending the right people for the request.


Whoz selects, sorts and recommends the best profiles so you can make the best decision.


Sit back while Whoz does all the work to make your decisions easy.


Capacity planning lets you stay ahead of your next talent search.

Even more features to streamline resource management tasks.

Talent requests

Targeted profile searches with Whoz are based on skills, availability, average daily rates and personal aspirations.

 Assignment suggestions

Whoz suggests the best assignments for your talent to speed up resource allocation.

Project Planning

View your entire project portfolio at a glance, track critical milestones and optimize your processes.

Time tracking

Whoz simplifies timesheet validation so you can check billable items before invoicing.

Resource booking

Prescreen profiles to support production and capacity planning and help you build optimal teams.

Resource allocation support

For remaining requests, our Wise™ system suggests the best profiles in record time.

Whoz fuels your success

Increase your chances of lasting success. Try the Whoz solution and streamline your assignment processes. Identify the best person for the project every time and watch your growth take off.