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Whoz for Sales

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Empower your sales teams. Give them the tools they need to make better proposals, faster. Our solution promotes direct communication between your business units and sales teams. 


Whoz makes developing business proposals more efficient to speed up response times.


With a proven track record for helping companies increase their revenue, we are confident our solution will help you do the same.

Business proposals, made easy. As good as it gets.

  • Have access to clear, fluid information that is shared between all BUs
  • Gain efficiency and quality when building your offers
  • Benefit from a real-time analytical view of your sales pipeline
  • Accelerate your commercial response time
  • Increase the volume of opportunities, business and new clients
  • Increase your revenue tenfold

Ahmed Morjane

Managing Director – Econocom Apps, Cloud & Data

“In an industry in constant technological evolution, we need to be able to keep our finger on the pulse of our workforce and track customer demand in real time. We chose Whoz because it is collaborative, intuitive and very business-oriented. Our entire team has access to the same real-time information that empowers us to improve our operational performance and to make the most of our expertise.”

A solution that adapts to all systems and configurations. No exceptions!

Whoz links up seamlessly with your existing application architecture.

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