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Whoz for IT & Transformation

Digitize your resource management and planning. Performance at a glance.

Deconstructing the past to better pilot the future, Whoz makes it possible by industrializing your processes to improve the performance of your teams.

Whoz, the engine of their successful digitization

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Innovation is your gateway to more agile and harmonized processes. Whoz brings the modernity to enhance and federate your teams.


Our solution fluidifies communication between BUs, allowing you to structure recruitment and align your skills systems with market needs.


All key indicators are at your fingertips, in real time. You have the opportunity to better plan your strategy and identify the best opportunities for growth. 

Welcome to the future.
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  • Harmonize your tools and processes 
  • Improve communication between your teams, and therefore their performance
  • Bring transversality between the different BUs 
  • Give your talents the opportunity to develop their skills
  • Benefit from a clear vision of your key indicators
  • Efficiently plan your strategy on the long term

Jérôme Motte

Deputy Chief Transformation Officer of Egis

“Egis has chosen Whoz, an innovative artificial intelligence solution, to digitize and optimize the production of its offers, and to help accelerate the growth of its business in France and abroad.”

A solution that adapts to all IT systems.

Whoz connects easily to your application systems.

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