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Effective date : July 2019

Why use cookies? and its partners use cookies and other identification technologies on the site in order, in particular, to identify you, identify and resolve malfunctions, establish the popularity of a content, analyze site traffic and trends. In general, cookies allow us to understand the online behavior and interests of people who interact with our services in order, in particular, to improve our services.

What is a cookie?

Cookies are small text files that are stored in your browser or device by websites, apps, online media and advertisements. To find out more about this technology, you can consult the explanations given by the CNIL on this page.

How long are they kept?

The retention period of cookies set by is 13 months maximum.

Your choices

You have the choice to accept cookies or not except for cookies strictly necessary for the delivery of our services which will be systematically deposited. For cookies subject to your prior consent, you can make these choices at any time by using our preferences configuration module also accessible in the information banner relating to our use of cookies. The latter is displayed when you first connect to our website and at any time by visiting the “Cookies” link located in the footer.

Please be aware that cookies play an important role in the operation of our services. Therefore, if you refuse or delete cookies, it could affect the availability and operation of the services.

Connecting from a computer

You can also choose to set your browser to delete or reject cookies by default. To do this, refer to the instructions provided by your browser, generally available in the “Help” or “Preferences” menu.

For more information on the configuration of Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer browsers, you can consult the CNIL tutorial here or choose, at any time, to express and modify your wishes in terms of cookies, by means described below

As already mentioned, the settings chosen may modify your browsing on the Internet and your conditions of access to certain services requiring the use of Cookies.

To set your preferences in:

  • Chrome, you can check the help center here.
  • Internet Explorer, it’s here.
  • FireFox, it’s there.
  • Opera, click here.

Google also offers a Google Chrome add-on to disable Google Analytics which you will find here.

For more information on cookies, and in particular to find out which cookies have been installed on your device and how to manage or delete them, go to and for French visitors.

Connecting from a mobile

For mobile users, some settings in your device’s operating system allow you to decide whether or not to allow cookies and share your Advertising ID with or our advertising service providers. For more information on setting up your choices on your mobile device, go to

To help you control or block certain advertisements in your mobile applications, you can download and use the DAA mobile application

Types of cookies and functions

The tables below describe the different categories of cookies that uses on its website as well as the reason we use them (function). We strive to update this cookie policy regularly. The list of third-party cookie providers may therefore sometimes not be exhaustive. You will find the date of the last update at the top of this document.

Strictly Necessary Cookies

These cookies are necessary for the proper functioning of our website. In accordance with the regulations, depositing them does not require your consent. In particular, they allow you to log in to your user session, to display the site in the language of your browser or the one you have selected, to contact our customer service via chat and to guarantee the security of our services.

DescriptionCookie nameDeposited byRetention
Display languagewpml_browser_redirect_testBiznet.ioSession
Selected display language_icl_visitor_lang_jsBiznet.io24 hours
Biznet.io10 hours
Choice of cookieswhoz_cookie_consentBiznet.io12 months
Anonymous visitor identificationintercom-id-noogr5xhIntercom9 months
User session trackingintercom-session-noogr5xhIntercom1 week

We also use HTML5 IndexedDB storage to enable application operation. Intercom also uses HTML5 localStorage to operate.

Cookies necessary to measure the performance of the website

These cookies allow us to generate performance statistics: they help us to detect possible navigation problems and to optimize technical performance. You can oppose and delete them using your browser settings or our preferences configuration module. However, your user experience may be degraded.

DescriptionCookie nameDeposited byRetention
User session trackingJSESSIONIDNew RelicSession

Audience measurement cookies

These cookies allow us to generate traffic statistics: they help us to know which pages are more or less consulted and to improve our site to meet your expectations. You can oppose and delete them using your browser settings or our preferences configuration module.

DescriptionCookie nameDeposited byRetention
Memorization of user actions on the pages of the site as well as
interactions of this user with the website
_gaGoogle Analytics13 months
User session retention_gat_UA-80915764-2Google Analytics1 minute
Distinction of users_gidGoogle Analytics24 hours

Advertising cookies

The purpose of these cookies is to provide you with content and offers that best match your interests on our website (or on the sites of third-party partners). By disabling these cookies, the content and offers that we will offer you will no longer be personalized with regard to your preferences and may therefore prove to be irrelevant. Browsing traces on the Whoz application likely to be collected via Plezi cookies (Visit & Visitor) are not used. Only the traces collected, subject to the prior consent of the user, during navigation on, before connection, are used. You can oppose and delete them using your browser settings or our preferences configuration module.

DescriptionNom des cookiesDéposé parRetention
Page views measurementVisitPlezi30 minutes
Distinction of usersVisitorPlezi13 months