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Integrations & Workflows

Connect to applications that propel your business forward!

Our powerful integration solution takes your work experience to a whole new level. Whoz empowers teams by maximizing your IT investment.

central location for managing integrations and workflows
more than
sets of interconnected resource management tools: ERP, CRM, ATS, HRIS, IT, business intelligence, finance, to name a few.
complicated rules. Customize and configure workflows with ease.

Whoz seamlessly connects
your IT architecture.

Integrate all your systems and processes.

What if you could transform your business and make your favorite tools even more accessible in the process? Whoz can do that. We centralize your applications, making work more efficient for everyone.

Simple, efficient, transparent.

Unlock your data’s potential by building the organizational structure that works best for you and your teams. Our solution’s infinite capacity to host applications takes business agility to new heights.

Meet the solution that lets you innovate faster.

Integrate your systems

The best system is the one built to fit your needs. Whoz connects to your applications and tools, achieving seamless integration.

Elevate your agility

View your entire business at a glance. Integrate new tools anytime to optimize the way you work.

Processes and precision

Whoz lets you manage integrations and workflows all in one spot. The result? You take back control of your data and decisions.

Maximize your results

More innovation means more agility. Free your entire ecosystem to create new opportunities and elevated value.

Whoz aligns your data, your tools and your teams.

  • Effortlessly connect to your application ecosystem.
  • Unleash the power of your business.
  • Enhance team agility.
  • Empower your people to collaborate better.
  • Build and customize workflows quickly.
  • Protect your data and improve compliance.

Whoz. Integration made simple.


Work just got easier. Our powerful API lets you work better by making it simple to connect to your applications.


Whoz frees people to work their way, while providing the visibility needed to take project efficiency to the next level.


Our solution centralizes everything, making it easy for your teams to use these systems time and again to take on new challenges.


Simplified integration elevates your business value. Unlock better results at every level.

Meet the platform that combines processes and precision.


SAP, BoondManager, Fitnet Manager, VSActivity, Everwin, FinancialForce, Odoo…


Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Hubspot, Pipedrive, Sellsy…


Bullhorn, Digital Recruiters, Smart Recruiters, SAP Success Factor, Workday, Cegid Talentsoft…


Sage, QuickBooks, Jenji, Harvest, Timely…

IT AND Collaboration

Zapier, Slack, Teams…

Business intelligence

Qlik, MS PowerBI…

Whoz fuels your success.

Increase your chances of lasting success. Identify the best person for the project every time and watch your growth take off.