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Why whoz ?

Getting the right people in the right place without the struggle.
What could be better?

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The Whoz story


Greater heights

The years of foundational work pay off as Whoz earns increasing recognition while doing even more to support clients: increased R&D, recruitment, international development and new offices! There’s no stopping us now !


A must-have solution

 Whoz is now a leading solution in the market, with invitations to bid for international projects involving hundreds of thousands of employees. Our solution is now officially positioned as best in the market.


Handling the unexpected

When the global economy is blindsided by an unprecedented pandemic, the professional services market is no exception. Instead of panicking, Whoz sets out to support the industry during this challenging time.


Expanding our services

Whoz creates more value for clients by offering features targeting margins, financial profitability and capacity planning to optimize resource allocation. More and more resource managers choose Whoz.


Claiming our place in the market

The Whoz solution continues to evolve and takes its place in the digital market. Whoz participates in one of Europe’s biggest tech events, Viva Technology, as a future-of-work solution.


Connecting with our market

After a year of intense efforts, R&D, user tests and fine-tuning, the first version of Whoz is born and meets its market.


Getting started

The nagging desire for a better solution becomes a question. What if we developed it ourselves? Pretty soon, there was no looking back. Whoz becomes the largest start-up in history, with twenty-one founders!

Harnessing the power of the collective is everything.

In six years, we built a talented, purpose-driven team committed to revolutionizing resource management. Each new member brought a fresh perspective, a new set of skills and experience that has made us the market leader we are today. But this collaborative strength reaches beyond our four walls. The feedback we receive from our clients is a powerful asset that we transform into continuous improvement of the Whoz platform.


Different fields, different sectors, all with the same need: better performance to serve clients.

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Our values

Why join Whoz?

Working at Whoz means using your skills and experience to support an ambitious project. What does it look like? We cultivate a community where each voice is heard and each member contributes to the group’s success



 ​Let’s face it. Cohesion is the key to team performance. We work from cities all across France, so maintaining good connections is essential. We do this through daily coffee breaks, weekly cross-departmental meetings, sprint demos every two weeks, after-work meet-ups, in-person and virtual team-building events and holiday parties! 


At Whoz, we make sure we’re all on the same page. Open communication is the key to achieving the unity that is so important to us. This commitment to radical transparency is evident in our in-house communication, our open salary policy and our approach to annual staff review meetings.


The world is changing and so is the way people work. At Whoz, we make the most of these changes by embracing flexible work arrangements. This frees our team members to manage their own progress while maintaining open communication. We are confident that each new member will contribute unique value, helping us grow and challenging us to adapt our practices to improve our collective performance.


Our clients come to us with high-stakes challenges. Our standards are even higher. This pursuit of excellence for the good of our clients is part of what defines us. If you can relate, there’s a strong chance we’d make a good fit.


Director of PSG Equity

What we see in Whoz is a pioneer with laser-focused specialization in talent management and acquisition for service firms. What makes this solution so impressive is the high return on investment it provides for its clients, who are leading players in French and international markets.

Strategic board

It’s often said: if you want to go fast, go alone; if you want to go far, go together. Our board of directors is certainly poised to go far. This exceptional team pushes us to make strategic choices and keep an eye on the big picture and focus on where we’re headed so we can keep improving.

Awards and distinctions

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