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partner program Whoz

Let us be actors of
the transformation
of your customers.

Your customers are facing increased pressure to achieve short-term objectives :

  • Maximize margin and revenue,
  • Deliver projects on time,
  • Attract and retain talent,
  • Remain competitive.
World leaders believe that their company will not be sustainable in 10 years if it does not transform today.
The proportion of companies in the intellectual service sector that will undergo deep transformation in the short and medium term.
The productivity gain for organizations that leverage the power of data, technology, and talent. Only 5% of companies achieve this…

Sources : PwC Global CEO Survey – 2022 ; Forrester – Sept. 2022 ; Accenture – Feb. 2023.

What if the transformation
of our clients begins
with your expertise ?

Do your customers want to digitize their core business ?

Offering a solution that 100% addresses the challenges and needs of intellectual service companies (services, consulting, engineering, media/advertising) is our expertise.
Together, we can accelerate performance and growth for our clients, leveraging your skills.
Let’s join forces ! Whoz is committed to building and maintaining a major ecosystem of partners who provide expertise, end-to-end support, and innovative technologies to help our clients better reconcile their challenges : promoting growth and maximizing profitability.

A program
designed for you.

Our partners accompany our clients to ensure that they successfully adopt, integrate, deploy or expand Whoz capabilities with additional functions and help them make the best decisions.
This ecosystem has been designed to meet the different business models in the market: business referral, integrator, distributor or technology partner. There is surely a program that suits you, with undeniable benefits.

Business Referral Partner

The challenges of PSOs hold no secrets for you ?
Then, advise and bring value to our clients.
Entrust us with your opportunities and make money…

integrator partner

Do you have expertise in the business processes and/or
technical aspects of digitizing our clients’ core business ?
Become an Integrator Partner.

distributor partner

You advise and support our clients in their business.
Grow your business and join a major staffing player.
Become a Distributor Partner.

Technology partner

You offer an expanded experience to our clients through
your product implementations and your expertise in the software market ?
Join forces with the biggest and let’s together offer even more services to our clients.

3 good reasons to join us.

a unique offer

An innovative and structuring solution at the heart of our clients’ processes and digital transformation.

a profitable business

A solution that offers multiple opportunities for business and associated service offerings.

an ambitious program

A Whoz-proposed onboarding to accelerate your success, with the assurance of a long-term relationship.

Partner Program Whoz,
the choice of success

We offer all our partners an onboarding process to support them in understanding, using and deploying Whoz.

That is Whoz’s promise.

a team close to you

A human collaboration in proximity with Whoz
and dedicated teams to assist you throughout
your deployments at our clients’ sites..

business support

The support of a dedicated channel manager
and marketing team to develop lead generation, opportunities,
and thus, your revenue.

a partner portal

A dedicated portal that is accessible 24/7, which gathers and facilitates the exchange of all resources offered by Whoz to better understand, promote, and enhance your expertise around our solution: news, events, sales, presales, and marketing resources, as well as assistance to respond to your inquiries.

the school academy

A comprehensive program of training and certifications : support, e-learning, virtual classes, in-house or external training, to improve and optimize your knowledge to meet the challenges and needs of our clients.

Our flagship :
Security and Agility.

Certified ISO 27001
and CyberVadis

GDPR compliant.
100% based in Europe

Full API &
API Rest / Webhook

Hosted on SecNumCloud
ANSSI security visa certified


Managing Director & Head of Europe – PSG Equity

We have identified Whoz as a pioneer with ultra-specialization in talent management and staffing for service companies. The solution is particularly impressive in that it allows for a strong return on investment for its clients, who are leading players in the French and international markets.

A solution that adapts
to all IT systems.
It’s that simple.

Whoz connects easily to your application architecture.

Join the network.