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Need to engage your thousands of staff ?  Whoz provides a holistic view of your ecosystem to align skills and market needs.


Be identified as a leader and continue to be so. Our solution strengthens your foothold in the market by anticipating your business over the coming months and years.  


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  • Visualize your entire talent ecosystem at a glance
  • Assess market trends with accurate, relevant and up-to-date KPIs
  • Digitize your tasks to better collaborate internally
  • Provide fast, relevant responses to your clients
  • Identify growth opportunities to invest in
  • Open up to new markets and services
  • Improve your profitability in the long term

Jean-Louis Bouchard

CEO – Econocom

“Whoz’ innovative APGILE approach addresses our organizational needs across the entire resource management process, from talent management to resource planning. The strength of Whoz lies in the solution’s ability to balance the interests of stakeholders by maximizing both the satisfaction of our customers’ needs, the collection and response to our employees’ aspirations and the value for Econocom.”

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