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Success story Econocom

Manage your talent profiles and optimize your staffing.

With Whoz’s solution, Econocom Apps-Cloud-Data can focus on its core business by optimizing the management of its consultants’ skills.

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This is the average time saving observed within the teams thanks to the powerful tool for customizing skills files. With an intuitive filter system, updating is simplified and much faster on a daily basis.
One click is enough to pre-fill a consultant’s time sheet when he is positioned on a client’s need. The result? No need to run after him to get updated information in order to re-assign efficiently.
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That’s how long it takes the Whoz AI to do a semantic analysis of all consultants’ resumes. The advantage? A clear and precise vision due to a relevant, dynamic and constantly updated skills mapping.

The objective of Econocom

Econocom has digitized its core business with the Whoz solution to meet three major challenges: increase its business volume, significantly improve its occupancy rate and help maintain its competitiveness.

The solution of Econocom

Whoz allowed Econocom to maximize its profitability. 3 objectives were in view: accelerate the development of its commercial offers, prepare the reassignment of its consultants and effectively renew their skills in line with customer needs.

Econocom is a European group that implements the digital transformation of companies and public organizations while placing end users at the heart of each project.

Industry: IT Consulting & Engeneering

Country: France

Scope: Engeneering BU / Apps, Cloud & Data

Number of users: 3 000 users

Ahmed Morjane

Directeur Général – Econocom Apps, Cloud & Data

“In a field that is constantly evolving technologically, it is essential for us to match the skills of our employees with the expectations of our clients and the challenges of our projects. With this in mind, we adopted Whoz, a holistic solution that addresses these concerns. Thanks to this platform, we have been able to accurately map the skills of our teams, effectively manage schedules and proactively anticipate training needs.”

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