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Find out how Smart4 Engineering create synergies between its different entities around its skills and talents

Smart4 Engineering uses Whoz to ensure its talent can develop their skills and fulfil their career aspirations, while efficiently matching client needs with available talent across the group and its various companies.

Smart4 Engineering challenge

Smart4 Engineering faced significant operational challenges due to rapid growth, having acquired around ten companies in three years. Each of these companies operated independently, using their own methodologies. The different sizes and maturity levels of these companies, ranging from 30 to 800 employees, highlighted the need for a unified skills and talent management solution that could be seamlessly integrated across all operational areas and countries within the group.

Why Whoz

Whoz was selected by Smart4 Engineering for its exceptional ability to adapt to different sourcing and skills management needs across different entities. Another key factor was Whoz’s ontology, which allows for the unification of different working languages and naming conventions for skills within a single platform.

Smart4Engineering, a twelve companies’ group, is already one of the Top 30 Digital services companies in France, whose goal is to create a multidisciplinary international federation of digital engineering expertise.

The group is focused on: Digital, Critical software, Data & AI, Cloud and Cybersecurity. Smart4Engineering turnover is exceeding 300 million euros with more than 3200 professionals in 5 major countries: Belgium, France, Italy, Spain and Portugal.

Industry: Engineering

Countries: 4 countries

Revenue: €300 million annual revenue

Headcounts: > 3 200 employees



We needed an international tool, one that could support 10, 15 or 20 companies with language management, local culture management and the ability to adapt to each company’s processes. We chose Whoz for a number of reasons, but in particular for its ability to adapt to search, from sourcing to skills management. I could go on, but it’s true that the solution fully met our requirements.


Group VP Transformation

One of the main criteria for choosing Whoz was its ontology and the power it represented for our group to be able to use the same tool, with different working languages, different practices for naming skills, and still be able to define this common language.

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