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The Whoz solution

The people-centric cloud solution.
With the power to transform your business.

Whoz: the resource management solution primed to lead the market. Our goal? To help you stay ahead of the competition by aligning your available talent with your project portfolio management, automatically. With Whoz, it’s all in one place.

Digital transformation, powered by Whoz.

Upgrade your expectations.
Whoz changes everything.

Optimize your talent pool

Your entire skill-and-talent ecosystem all in one place, right at your fingertips, anytime. Our technology helps you quickly identify optimal profiles and match them to the right assignments.

Manage projects effectively

With Whoz, make the most of each project and be ready to meet customer needs faster. This is the key to sustainable growth!

Multiply your performance

Whoz delivers the indicators you need to keep on top of your business. With this solid base, you can capitalize on the present while identifying the best opportunities to develop.

Establish trust

Open communication and transparent collaboration are crucial to engaging your teams and boosting their effectiveness. Whoz is among France’s most secure solutions.

SĂ©bastien Barrot

Chief Technology & Quality Officer – CS GROUP

It was essential to know transversally the skills within our ecosystem. What makes the strength of CS GROUP are our talents, on we want to capitalize optimally. Whoz will also allow us to address another point that is close to our hearts: the sharing of knowledge and know.

Eric Cohen

Founder & CEO – Keyrus

The difference with the Whoz platform and positioning is that staffing is recognized as the key to increasing profit margins. It is very important to maintain a direct focus on staffing, rather than just passing around Excel spreadsheets. Whoz creates a unified staffing vision across the company.

JĂ©rĂ´me Motte

Deputy Chief Transformation Officer – Egis

Egis chose Whoz, an innovative AI-based solution, to digitize and optimize the production of our offers, as well as to help accelerate our business growth, both in France and internationally.

Ahmed Morjane

Managing Director – Econocom Apps, Cloud & Data

We chose Whoz because it is a collaborative, intuitive and very business-oriented solution. This 360 ° vision makes it possible to quickly build multidisciplinary teams and bring value to clients on large-scale projects.

Jean-François Fellman

Founder & CFO – OcĂ©ane Consulting

With a system designed by IT and consulting experts and a responsive team that really listens, Whoz was our choice for a digital staffing solution to analyze the impact of the market on our margins and maximize our results.

Pierre Beranger

Founder & CEO – Bloomco

With Whoz, we speak the same language! Beyond the essential business issues, what I appreciate about Whoz is their team’s ability to adapt the solution based on our feedback.

A solution that adapts to all systems and configurations.
No exceptions!

Whoz links up seamlessly with your existing application architecture

Whoz fuels your success.

 Increase your chances of lasting success. Try the Whoz solution and streamline your assignment processes. Identify the best person for the project every time and watch your growth take off.