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Success story EGIS

Accelerate the production process of its commercial offers.


Egis has chosen to modernize its core business, Resource Management, by using a unique solution: Whoz.


 Whoz has saved Egis 25 FTEs per week

with its unique Resource Management solution.

The objective

The digitization of operational resource management and planning processes enables Egis to meet three major challenges: increase its business volume, significantly improve its occupancy rate and help maintain its competitiveness.

The solution

To maximize its profitability, Egis chose Whoz to achieve 3 objectives: facilitate access to its internal and external skills ecosystem, make the development of its commercial offers more fluid and optimize team planning.
Egis is an international consulting, construction engineering and operations group, acting worldwide for more balanced, sustainable and resilient territories.
less than
That’s how long it takes the Whoz AI to do a semantic analysis of all consultants’ resumes. The result? Egis benefits from a relevant, dynamic and always updated skills map.
FTEs saved
This is the time saving observed each week within the teams due to the powerful tool for customizing skills files. With an intuitive filter system, updating is simplified and much faster on a daily basis.
margin points
This is the average annual turnover gained and observed since the deployment of the solution.

JĂ©rĂ´me Motte

Deputy Chief Transformation Officer – Egis

Egis has chosen Whoz, an innovative artificial intelligence solution, to digitize and optimize the production of its offers, and to help accelerate the growth of its business in France and abroad.

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