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Whoz for Finance & Human Resources

Unite people and financial performance.
A simplified future.

Increasing accuracy, maximizing profitability, focusing on people, Whoz has succeeded in helping you achieve this. The result ? You lead more ambitious, virtuous and enlightened strategies.

Whoz, the engine of their successful digitization

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To ensure the recruitment of talents and development of their skills, our solution enhances the value of each individual and keep them in line with the needs of the market.


We offer you a clear real-time visibility into workforce trends to reduce turnover, but also into financial forecasts, so that you stay in control.


Capitalize on the present to anticipate the future, Whoz delivers you the keys to predict the future with more confidence and to continuously maximize your profitability.

Retain control.
Let the technique do its work.

  • Recruit your talents and develop their skills
  • Get the right people on the right projects to achieve better results.
  • Gain real visibility into your workforce
  • Achieve maximum value from every project
  • Explore impacts on revenue, margins and timelines
  • Keep your projects on track and better anticipate new ones

Jean-François FELLMAN

Co-Founder Océane Consulting

“Whoz made the application evolve to allow us to track project risks, identify constraints related to Covid-19 and view in real time the impacts on our business and on the schedule.”

A solution that adapts to all IT systems.

Whoz connects easily to your application systems.

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