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Whoz for IT services

Finally, a way to bring your consultants and your projects together for a perfect match. What are you waiting for?

Whoz lets you see the big picture. Access all of your skills and your project portfolio with just one platform! Retain your best people and put their expertise in the spotlight. Watch your profitability take off.

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Digital transformation, powered by Whoz

The powerful and agile solution that makes all the difference. Add up the results.

Bring out the best

Your consultants are your strength. Optimize their value by mapping their skills. Whoz helps you build the foundation for a true loyalty strategy.

Keep track of it all

Accelerate your responses to customer needs with optimized internal management. Whoz makes it all simple: project team building, schedule management, consultant assignments and financial tracking.

Stay ahead

Whoz gives you all the keys to succeed. All of your resources are clear at a glance. Keep one step ahead of the competition.

The must-have solution for IT services companies. The obvious choice. 

  • Consult, find and position all your talents from a single place
  • Explore your entire ecosystem at a glance
  • Build for you a strategic base of skills
  • Maximize your output for your clients and go beyond their expectations
  • Drive your business and make you more confident
  • Improve your competitiveness and profitability

Eric Cohen

Founder & CEO of Keyrus

“The contribution of the Whoz platform and positioning consists in recognizing that staffing is the true core issue in business that gains points for profitability. It is very important to maintain a direct focus on staffing, rather than just passing around Excel spreadsheets. Whoz creates a unified staffing vision across the company.”

A solution that adapts to all systems and configurations No exceptions!

Whoz links up seamlessly with your existing application architecture.

There’s no time to lose.
Try Whoz today.

Increase your chances of lasting success. 
Try the Whoz solution and streamline your assignment processes. Identify the best person for the project, every time. Watch your growth take off.