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Whoz for Consulting

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Offer the best and always deliver. Whoz offers the power of AI with a human touch, to help you respond faster and stay a step ahead of the competition. 

Digital transformation, powered by Whoz

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Whoz explores your complex talent ecosystem and identifies the best person for the project every time. You can target the right profiles and provide your clients with support no one else can give them.


The way we all work is changing fast. Digitalization is crucial to keep pace and get ahead. You need to build your dream team for each project, assign consultants and manage schedules, all while tracking financial performance and keeping an eye on the big picture. Whoz does it all.

Get ahead of the game

In today’s world, you need more than just expertise to get a foot in the door. To seize new opportunities, you need to move quickly, every day. Whoz provides a complete view of your resources to meet customer needs in record time.

The must-have solution for consulting firms. Even consultants need expert advice

  • Identify your resources more effectively for optimal assignments
  • Find and align the skills you need for each project
  • Give your teams more opportunities to develop their skills
  • Provide the best answers to your clients
  • Stay ahead of the competition
  • Gain a competitive edge by understanding the true impact of your decisions

Pierre BĂ©ranger

Founder and CEO of Bloomco

“With Whoz, we speak the same language! Beyond the essential business issues, what I appreciate about Whoz is their team’s ability to adapt the solution based on our feedback.”

A solution that adapts to all systems and configurations. No exceptions! 

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Try the Whoz solution and streamline your assignment processes. Try the Whoz solution and streamline your assignment processes. Identify the best person for the project, every time. Watch your growth take off.