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Success story Bloomco

Accelerate the answers to its clients’ needs.

Bloomco has real-time access to all key information on each profile: expertise, aspirations or capacity planning.

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Bloomco accesses, in real time, all the key information of each profile: expertise, aspirations, capacity planning, daily rate, past experience or pre-assignment.
margin points
That’s the average annual revenue gained since the solution was deployed. A gain observed thanks to a fine-tuned optimization of the consultants’ activity and inter-contract periods.
That’s the time saved each week within the teams due to our powerful tool for generating customized CVs.

The objective of Bloomco

Bloomco turned to Whoz to meet 2 major challenges: optimize the occupation rate of its freelancers and respond faster and better to client needs.

The solution of Bloomco

To gain competitiveness in a market where technology is constantly evolving, Bloomco chose Whoz to achieve 3 objectives: to know in real time the skills and availability of its talents, to identify more quickly the best freelancers for a given need, and to accelerate the updating and the export of the files of its freelancers.


Former Expertaly, Bloomco is founded in 2017 by Pierre BĂ©ranger, a former consultant. His ambition? To enable companies and consulting firms to collaborate with the best independent consultants more simply and quickly.

Industry: IT Consulting

Countries: France, UK, Benelux, Canada

Scope: Group

Number of users: 2 400 users

Pierre BĂ©ranger

Fondateur et Directeur GĂ©nĂ©ral – Bloomco

“We speak the same language with the Whoz team! Apart from understanding our business issues, what I appreciate about them is their ability to make the solution evolve according to our feedback.”

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