Find out how Akkodis is using Whoz to anticipate its skills management for the future.Watch the video

Success story AKKODIS

Find out how Akkodis anticipates its skills management for its employees future and its customers needs

Akkodis leverages Whoz to meticulously map the skills and competencies within its workforce, ensuring the precise tailoring of upskilling and reskilling programs for its engineers.

Akkodis challenge

During the COVID crisis, Akkodis recognized an opportunity to reevaluate and strategize the realignment of their engineers’ competencies. This initiative led them to the realization that a digital transformation in handling their workforce dynamics was imperative, prompting their collaboration with Whoz to optimize and future-proof their talent management efficiently and effectively.

Why Whoz

Akkodis chose Whoz primarily for its comprehensive functionalities that support better retention, higher profitability, and efficient resource management, which align with their goals of enhancing career progression opportunities for their engineers and digital experts. Additionally, the ability of Whoz to integrate and visualize career paths within the organization was crucial, thus supporting their commitment to being both a tech and people-focused company.

Akkodis, a global leader in the engineering and R&D market, harnesses the power of connected data to accelerate innovation and digital transformation. Akkodis has extensive industry experience and expertise in key technology areas such as mobility, technology software and services, robotics, testing, simulation, data security, AI and data analytics.

Industry: ESN

Countries: 30 countries

Revenue: €4 billion annual revenue

Headcounts: > 50 000 employees


Global Vice President Talent Acquisition, Talent Development, Culture and D&I at Akkodis

Akkodis faces important challenges in effectively managing and developing its workforce in a rapidly evolving industry. Key to meeting these challenges is a deep understanding of the skills and competencies available within the company. This insight informs our targeted upskilling and reskilling programs for engineers, not only enhancing their employability but also ensuring the business can seize new opportunities as they arise. Critical to this process is the accuracy of data from the outset, which is why we chose Whoz.

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