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Performance analyTICs

The best opportunities to match your needs. After all, that’s all that matters.

All you need to analyze your indicators and where you’re headed. Keep an eye on the future of your business and stay a step ahead of the competition.

dimensions analyzed for each indicator
all it takes for full data access
coverage, for a past, present and future view of your data

There’s no room for improvising when it comes to strategic decisions.

Take your precision up a notch.

To move in the right direction, to make the right decisions, you need the right indicators. You know which KPIs to rely on, but we all know too much data can bog you down. You get buried in the pile-up, when what you need is clarity.

There must be a better way!
We take all of these indicators, analyze them and present them to you without the fuss. Whoz gives you a clear view of your business, from any angle, anytime. Our intuitive space makes it easy to search, filter, customize, analyze, and share your resource management data all in one spot.

Gain the clarity, control and confidence only Whoz can deliver.

Faster and better access to your data

Whether it’s your activity rate, billable FTE, margin rate, or other indicators, Whoz gives you a clear and immediate view of how your business is growing.

Fully customizable

Finally, a dashboard that can be customized without limits. This is the key to efficient inter-manager communication and strategy shifts.

Stay ahead of the game

The best way to respond to a customer need is to see it coming. Whoz is designed to identify tomorrow’s talent and to keep your business competitive.

Explore impacts on your finances

Our alert system detects variations in activity so you can react with precision to adapt revenues, margins and lead times.

Whoz understands the value of your business

  • Keep track of all of your business activity parameters in real time.
  • Unlock the potential of your resource management data.
  • Explore, analyze, identify the skills at the source of your business strengths and weaknesses.
  • Bring your decision makers and managers into the game.
  • Explore the possibilities to improve your profitability.
  • Tap into the future pipeline you need.

Whoz creates a virtuous cycle of growth for your business.


Your customized dashboard, complete with KPIs and connected data. All sorted and filtered to save you time and keep you focused.


You choose when. Your indicators are ready to review weekly, daily, or hourly to help you stay on top of your business.


Make the best choices. Your KPI analysis guides you and gives your strategy meaning.

Look ahead

With a better understanding of your business, you’re prepared for what’s next. Your future depends on the skills you bring in to meet customer needs.

seize the data

Whoz offers you all the information you need to sustainably develop your business’s growth and to bring in the best opportunities. 

Gain functionality. Save time on all the little things.
Add it up to something big.

Real-time dashboard

Monitor key performance indicators, optimize your business operations.

Business pipeline

Configure all stages of your pipeline to track opportunities. Prioritize and make key decisions better and faster.

 Activity workflow

Streamline your operations and improve inter-team collaboration by adding actions to each opportunity. 

Budget tracking

Defining a budget and sticking to it is a challenge. Whoz gives you a clear and real-time view of your expenses through the end of the project.

Account and contact management

View each account’s sales activity and track their sales and profitability performance.

Business references

Increasing the value of your business proposals. Your successes with key facts and figures are all in one place.

Whoz fuels your success

Increase your chances of lasting success. Try the Whoz solution and streamline your assignment processes. Identify the best person for the project, every time. Watch your growth take off.