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Whoz for Small and medium companies

Think big.
Whoz will accompany you step by step.

Prepare the future with clear visions and defined ambitions. Whoz gives you the keys to achieve sustainable growth.

Petites et moyennes entreprises
Petites et moyennes entreprises 1

Whoz, engine of their successful digitization

A unique solution.
Reveal your potential.


A successful business is investing in its talents to serve its clients. Whoz leverages your ecosystem of skills and finds the best experts to accomplish your missions.  


Positioning the right teams on the right projects is not something that can be improvised. Our solution does it for you by centralizing your staffing, sourcing and sales data.


The more you grow, the more difficult it is to have an overview of your workforce. With Whoz, everything becomes easier. Your teams are retained, your revenues are maximized and your growth is sustainable.

Structuring itself is good.

  • Consult, identify and position all your talents from a single space
  • Digitize your tasks to better collaborate internally
  • Provide quick and relevant answers to your clients
  • Focus 100% on your business
  • Meet your challenges with more confidence
  • Build sustainable growth

Pierre Béranger

Founder and CEO of Bloomco

“We speak the same language at Whoz! Beyond the business issues, what I appreciate about them is their ability to evolve the solution based on our feedback.”

A solution that adapts to all IT systems

Whoz connects easily to your application architecture.

Transform from now.
It changes everything.

 Make your success more likely and sustainable.
Try Whoz to streamline your assignment processes, to always
position the best talent on a given assignment and to see your growth improve.