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Whoz for Executive Management

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Finally, a practical solution made with managers in mind. We kept it simple: just one platform. That’s all you need to speed up your customer response times, get the most out of your teams and keep one step ahead of the market.

Digital transformation, powered by Whoz.

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Your people are the power driving your teams. Give them the tools they need to take their work and collaboration to the next level.


Speed matters when it comes to responding to clients, and it shouldn’t be left to chance. Whoz adds value to your business by streamlining your processes and providing a real-time view of your activities.

Look ahead

As a growing company, you understand the importance of keeping an eye on the future. Our solution delivers the best indicators that let you forecast your revenue with precision.

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  • Centralize your teams’ skills in a single space.
  • Improve talent engagement.
  • Deliver the best response to clients, every time.
  • Make better decisions, period.
  • Stay on top of market trends and detect and unlock opportunities.
  • Add value to your business.

Eric Cohen

Founder CEO of Keyrus

“The difference with the Whoz platform and positioning is that staffing is recognized as the key to increasing profit margins. It is very important to maintain a direct focus on staffing, rather than just passing around Excel spreadsheets. Whoz creates a unified staffing vision across the company.”

A solution that adapts to all systems and configurations. No exceptions!  

Whoz links up seamlessly with your existing application architecture.

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