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SUCCESS STORY Océane Consulting

New digitized, flexible and collaborative staffing process. The way to success.

Success Story Océane Consulting

Océane Consulting

Whoz contributes to the growth of Océane Consulting with a new talent and project management solution. Result : 200 hours saved for the teams !


Plus 3 to 5 margin points due to a fine optimization

of the periods between contracts. Contract fulfilled.

The objective

Océane Consulting chose our solution and the expertise of our team to meet 3 main challenges: maintain competitiveness, collaborate between internal entities and improve the occupancy rate.

The solution

Whoz, agile and collaborative, allows us to support the growth of our clients through 3 factors : accelerate the production of their commercial offers, standardize the talent and project management process among the different entities, and analyze their activities in real time.
The Océane Consulting Group, created in 2009, is a multi-specialist team in digital services and software publishing (Tanaguru, Smartpublish). It gathers nearly 400 consultants invested in a value creation and client satisfaction approach.
This is the average time saving observed within the teams due to the powerful tool for customizing skills files. With an intuitive filter system, updating is simplified and much faster on a daily basis.
Our clients benefit from a precise vision of the availability of all talents within the company. A process of digitized resource management and planning, equipped and facilitated by a collaborative platform.
margin points
This is the average share of annual turnover gained and observed thanks to a fine optimization of the inter-contract periods.

Jean-François Fellman

Co-Founder & CFO – Océane Consulting

Whoz made the application evolve to allow us to track project risks, identify constraints related to Covid-19 and view in real time the impacts on our business and on the schedule.

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