Wanna be the world champion of sales proposals in no time? Easy!

You need to optimize the operational margin of every assignment, go faster on getting these sales proposals out to your customers, close more deals than ever… Game on, we have just the thing that you need!
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Wanna be the world champion of sales proposals in no time? <span>Easy!</span>

Two-in-one sales pipeline

Stop going back and forth between different spreadsheets or systems to try and match staffing needs with sales opportunities. What is in it for you? Get skilled and available profiles faster in order to secure the deal. Sweet, right?
  • Sales pipeline Kanban view
  • Staffing-oriented deals
  • Profitability simulator (fixed priced or time and materials)
  • Sales actions follow-up
  • CV export of pre-selected team
Two-in-one sales pipeline

Sales proposals database

“Where the heck is that customer testimonial?”
“Ask David, he must have it somewhere.”
“Nope he doesn’t. Maybe Valerie? She doesn’t either. Damn!”

Rings a bell? Then we definitely have something for you. Whoz gathers all of your customer references to help you save time in getting that sales proposals out there first.
Sales proposals database

Staffing-oriented customer accounts

Imagine for a second. One of your colleagues is on the bench, hoping for a new assignment to start. Instead of waiting it out, take control: click on the profile in Whoz and get the list of customers looking for your colleague’s skills. Kaboom! You know now where to look first so as to boost profitability.
  • Customer accounts with attached description of sought-after skills
  • Reverse casting engine
  • Consolidated staffing at account-level
  • Account-dedicated KPIs
Staffing-oriented customer accounts

Sales dashboard

As the saying goes, one cannot improve what one does not measure. Easier said than done though for all relevant data are seldom available. But guess what? Whoz brings together all of that data, in real-time, in the same place for you.
  • Real-time KPIs
  • Consolidated, comparative, or unitary views
  • Detailed analysis of the results
  • Closed lost root-cause analysis
Sales dashboard

We are stronger together than apart

Reason why Whoz is fully integrated with your CRM!
We are stronger together than apart