Skills Intelligence™
for a targeted sourcing

Your clients are looking for highly specialized profiles. And when it comes to assessing the potential of a technical profile, you know it's no small challenge. So you spend hours sourcing candidates that are not the right fit for your clients… Imagine a solution that helps you aligning your sourcing with business needs. You are in the right place.
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Skills Intelligence™<br /><span>for a targeted sourcing</span>

Business needs analysis

Saying that the market you're dealing with is really competitive is no breaking news. So you must find the very best expert for each mission. Let's say it straight away: it's not with a static, obsolete database that you're going to find the best profiles… We are living in the age of Big Data, so give your team a chance to make the most of predictive technologies for a targeted sourcing.
  • Skills gap to identify the skills to be recruited in priority
  • Profile scoring to check out whether skills are relevant
  • Predictive analysis about market trends
Business needs analysis

CV semantic analysis

You've recently find out a bunch of really interesting resumes on the web… Great! And now you're about to manually enter them in your CV bank. Not so great. Except if you use Whoz! It's easy: you upload resumes in a few clics. Our solution analyzes and pre-fills them, so you get a recap of all detected skills for each profile. Hard skills AND soft skills. Sweet, right ?
  • Pre-filled profiles
  • Skills detection by semantic analysis
  • Key skills identification
  • Skills level evaluation for each profile
  • Supported resume formats: Word / PDF / PPT
CV semantic analysis

One-stop pipeline

The recruitment process can be pretty long: first calls, interviews, contracts… What if you could see all of the information about your candidates at a glance ? With our one-stop pipeline, both sourcing and staffing teams can view and share profiles. The sales team is automatically informed as soon as there are new recruits. Staffing managers have always candidates profiles under their radar and can anticipate staffing. In the end, inter-contract delays are drastically reduced and everyone's happy !
  • Internal employees recruitment
  • Service providers references
  • Kanban pipeline
  • Candidates profiles referenced in the staffing engine
  • New recruits profiles visible in the capacity planning
  • New recruits profiles automatic dissemination
One-stop pipeline

CV bank

When you upload a CV in Whoz, it's automatically stored in a one-stop CV bank. With our reminder notification system, you can easily follow-up with the best candidates so you're here when they ready to take on the challenge you're offering! Stay proactive, efficient when sourcing, and make sure you don't miss interesting opportunities.
CV bank

Sourcing dashboard

Numbers speak for themselves. Well… unless you don't have the right feature to exploit them. What if you have an advanced dashboard with sourcing data to improve your processes? With our dashboard, you analyse your data and stay focused on what to improve:
  • Number of candidates that enter in the pipeline per month
  • Number of recruitments per month
  • Recruitment steps average duration
  • Candidates decline reasons
  • Sourcing activities
  • Sourcing team performance
Sourcing dashboard

We are stronger together than apart

Reason why Whoz is fully integrated with your ATS!
We are stronger together than apart