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Talent Cloud
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Your entire talent ecosystem at your fingertips

  • Manage talent profiles
  • Put our intelligent casting engine to work for you
  • Export resumes in a single click
  • View employee and contractor profiles in one place
  • Plan ahead for upcoming assignments

Project team management made simple

  • Resource scheduling
  • Time tracking for each project
  • Budget monitoring
  • Assignment suggestions 
  • Opportunity alerts

Grow your business with precision

  • Business forecasting
  • Identification of improvement areas
  • Recruitment support
  • All the financial tools you need in one place
  • Business fluctuation tracking for faster reaction times

What our clients have to say

Don’t listen to our clients, you might get jealous.

Eric Cohen

Founder & CEO – Keyrus

Whoz considers Resource Management to be the cornerstone of performance in the industry, hence driving additional margin points. We started with a pilot implementation based on one BU and will deploy throughout France in Q1 2021. We will then consider deploying of other countries.

Alexandre Lecompte

CEO – Econocom Apps, Cloud & Data

We chose Whoz because it is a collaborative, intuitive and very business-oriented solution. This 360 ° vision makes it possible to quickly build multidisciplinary teams and bring value to clients on large-scale projects.

Jérôme Motte

Deputy Chief Transformation Officer – Egis

Egis chose Whoz, an innovative artificial-intelligence solution, to digitalize and optimize the production of its offers and to help the company accelerate the growth of its business in France and internationally.

Jean-François Fellman

Founder & CFO – Océane Consulting

We needed to manage our missions in real time, to project the TACE, to understand the impact of the market on our margin… The team developed the application to allow us to see in real time the impacts of Covid on our activity and in the forecast.

Pierre Beranger

CEO – Bloomco

We and the Whoz team speak the same language. Not only do they understand our business, but I also appreciate their ability to improve the solution based on our feedback.

Thierry Kientega

CEO – OUIcoding

We were seduced by the matching algorithm which is powerful and allows us to save precious time on the recruitment of potential resources already identified. The deployment of the solution is fast and efficient: only a few days! And we were guided from A to Z on the tasks we had to perform in order to best prepare our space.

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Whoz is designed to respond to your specific operations to boost profitability.

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