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Turbocharge Your Talent Deployment
Whoz Copilot.

Enabling professional services to reach unprecedented peak performance

in project staffing by blending human decision-making with data-generated insights.

Copilot For

Empower talents to showcase their productivity in specific skills with GenAI tools, demonstrating their proficiency in leveraging AI technology to augment their existing skills.

Copilot For

Leverage a talent ecosystem with internal talent and external contributors for smart and rapid talent-to-opportunity matching, expediting staffing and increasing commercial velocity.

Copilot For

Level up your operational excellence with the first LLM project staffing solution capable of generating optimized staffing scenarios that bring to light potential productivity gains.

Copilot For

 Leverage past and forecasted data to receive real-time, customized action plans that enable the improvement of operational metrics and support dynamic workforce planning.

Optimize every critical aspect
of core business operations.

Build an AI-copiloted ecosystem of qualified talents, ready to deploy, with fully mapped skills.

DEMAND management

Manage talent requests and match the best profiles with the right business opportunities.

talent engagement

Engage talents by aligning with their aspirations, developing their skills and boosting their employability.


Perform project staffing scenarios and anticipate availability to maximize operational efficiency.

workforce planning

Anticipate and plan through the utilization of dynamic historical, current and predictive analytics.


Leverage a highly secure, cloud-enabled platform that is ISO 27001, GDPR and AI European Act compliant

Skills managed

Accelerate your skills-first transformation with
Whoz’s Professional Services Ontology™

  • Ready-to-deploy multilingual skills and certifications repository
  • Mapping up to 100 skills per talent, ten times more than traditional frameworks
  • Automated assessment of skills seniority (XPS™ score)
  • Detection of skills gaps at talent, team, business unit, or organization level
  • Dynamic workforce planning to identify and anticipate necessary skills over time

What our clients have to say

Don’t listen to our clients, you might get jealous.

Yves-Marie Boissonnet

President south EMEA & France Akkodis

At Akkodis with Whoz, we connect talents to opportunities, and opportunities to talents! Thanks to Whoz, our employees can fully showcase their skills and expectations. This enables the company to offer them the opportunities that best match their aspirations.

Eric Lemeilleur

Head of Transformation    Open

Whoz has become vital for the company. It is present in every aspect of the organization, including human resources, recruitment, management, and sales. Its artificial intelligence tools offer companies the opportunity to transform the way they manage skills and discover new opportunities for growth.

Senthil Nathan

SVP Workforce Ressource Management – Atos

Whoz brings new age technology in terms of AI-built skill management & demand matching. At one click, we are able to know a clear visibility of the people Availability and Skills, from which country, which location… It gives us more agility for our organization to be ready for the future.

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