360° View. Real-time management.
Total control.

Boosting staffing requires anticipating customer requests, taking into account a variety of constraints, identifying potential waste… If anyone tells you that a spreadsheet is THE solution for that, word of advice: run!
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360° View. Real-time management.<br /><span>Total control.</span>

Visual Capacity Planning

Stop banging your head against the wall trying to consolidate plannings that were never meant to be merged together. Enjoy our one-stop-solution to get availability, holidays, assignments, and requests all in one place. That is THE planning you were looking for (just saying…).
  • Highlight of available talents
  • View by person or project
  • Seamless integration of new hires
  • Shared planning updated in real-time
  • Holidays and leave of absence management
Visual Capacity Planning

Staffing dashboard

By the time you align timesheets with invoices and reporting, you are weeks - if not months - after the facts. Only problem: it then is too late to react and make adjustments.

Even though steering the wheel with your hands tied behind your back may seem like an interesting challenge, make it easy on yourself: use Whoz, which provides an exhaustive staffing board consolidating the past, the present, and the future. What happens next is really up to you!
Staffing dashboard

We are stronger together than apart

Reason why Whoz is fully integrated with your HRIS (for holidays and leave of absence data)!
We are stronger together than apart