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Mastering AI Upskilling and Deployment with Whoz Spring Edition

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Mastering AI Upskilling and Deployment with Whoz Spring Edition

In 2024, the professional services landscape is transforming rapidly, and companies face the critical challenge of mastering AI for business efficiency. Whoz Spring Edition addresses this by not just supporting upskilling but also seamlessly deploying acquired skills where they’re most needed.

With exclusive skills intelligence technology, Whoz creates an extended talent ecosystem, matching both internal and external talents to diverse projects. Its Global Opportunity Marketplace empowers talents to steer their skill development, ensuring access to relevant, hands-on project experiences.

Key features like the Intelligent Casting Engine™ and the new copilot allow for swift, precise talent matching, freeing managers to focus on strategic initiatives and AI upskilling.

Already impacting over 500,000 users in 55 countries, Whoz Spring Edition is set to revolutionize project staffing and talent management, making it the definitive solution for driving productivity and growth in the professional services sector.