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Accelerating GenAI Business Adoption: Whoz Sets a World First by Mapping and Deploying AI-Augmented Skills

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Feb 27, 2024

PARIS, France – As 2024 progresses, a critical trend emerges in the professional services industry: the imperative of upskilling talents in Generative AI (Gen AI) and other advanced AI technologies. This upskilling is vital for professional services organizations. Mikaël Azran, Head of Customer Success at Whoz, highlights the challenge: “Many of our clients acknowledge that mastering AI skills is crucial, and as we enter 2024, it’s just the starting point. The critical challenge is efficiently identifying and deploying these skills on a broad scale. Whoz excels in streamlining this process with unmatched precision and speed.”

By moving beyond conventional approaches, Whoz revolutionizes pre-2024 standards with its copilot model for talent deployment. This enterprise-ready solution can be implemented at scale within just three months, seamlessly merging talent upskilling with real-time operational requirements. This ensures that skills are in perfect alignment with project demands.

François Gros, Chief Product Officer at Whoz, reflects on the company’s achievement with their latest major release: “With eight years of research and development, we’ve developed a pioneering solution powered by large language models (LLMs), enabling the optimized deployment of talents and teams on projects. With Whoz acting as a copilot for talents, sales, operations, and analytics, organizations can now usher in a new era of decision-making in project staffing.”

Beyond merely enhancing operational performance, Whoz significantly improves margins and revenue for professional services firms, solidifying their leadership in the field.

A Talent Ecosystem Entirely Copiloted to Spot AI-Augmented Skills

Whoz enables to create a large talent ecosystem that integrates both internal talents and external contributors. Anchored in the Professional Services Ontology™, an exclusive skills repository, it enables the dynamic deployment of skills across diverse projects in total accordance with skills-first approach of business operations.

The introduction of copilot features empowers talents to enhance their profiles by showcasing the GenAI tools they utilize to amplify their skills and productivity, while providing managers with the ability to swiftly identify these ‘boosted’ profiles. A key advantage in assembling teams capable of achieving substantial productivity gains, enabling the maximization of operating margins and exceeding client expectations.

A Global Opportunity Marketplace to Engage Talent in Upskilling Strategies

To strengthen and accelerate the enterprise-wide upskilling strategy, Whoz introduces a global opportunity marketplace. This feature enables managers to share project assignments with talents affiliated either with a specific entity or across multiple places, thereby allowing talents to express their interest. By aligning talents with targeted opportunities that are tailored to the upskilling strategy, managers can more effectively engage them and expedite the development of strategic skills through operational practice and projects over time. Additionally, the system has the capacity to dynamically update skills each time a talent completes an assignment, ensuring continuous skill alignment with evolving business needs.

An AI-Powered Talent Matching to Speed Up Deployment

Whoz Intelligent Skills Engine™ seamlessly converts client demands, received through channels like email, into detailed talent requests. François Gros, Chief Product Officer, states: “It meticulously captures all critical elements, particularly assignment details and skill requirements, to ensure a comprehensive understanding of each request. This streamlined process not only accelerates response times to project demands but also enhances the speed of business operations.”

Furthermore, it empowers managers to quickly cast the most suitable candidates for specific projects. This significant reduction in the time spent on repetitive tasks allows managers to redirect their focus towards more strategic activities. These include developing their teams, catering to individual aspirations, and promoting the company’s AI upskilling strategy.

About Whoz:

Whoz is an AI-powered cloud solution designed for IT services, engineering, consulting firms, and other business services. It provides a strategic advantage in the global deployment of talents and teams on projects, significantly boosting profitability margins and blending human decision-making with data-generated insights for unprecedented performance. Trusted by over 500,000 users worldwide, including significant presences in Europe, India, and North America, Whoz is at the forefront of transforming how professional services organizations optimize their talent supply chain.


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