PRESS RELEASE • 12•05•2022

Whoz raises
30 million euros
in Series A  !

Announcement €30M

Whoz raises €25 million in funding led by PSG Equity

Whoz provides AI-driven talent and project management solutions that empower their clients to boost performance and optimize talent utilization and retention.


With the strategic, operational and financial support of PSG Equity, Whoz intends to capitalize on the growing digitization opportunities in the professional services sector to strengthen its leadership position in France and establish itself as a European and international leader in digital staffing and project portfolio management.


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Small rocket that became big

Announcement €30M

Whoz has been shifting staffing lines for 6 years now, working for smoother, more optimized processes.


It’s about building a natural bridge between humans and Artificial Intelligence in order to give meaning back to one’s job, to put talents back at the heart of the organization’s challenges, to reveal their skills.

It also means seeing your associates availability in real time, optimizing project team schedules in order to respond quickly and efficiently to market needs. Finally, it means strengthening its competitiveness and improving its profitability.


For 6 years, Whoz has been committed to these issues, finding concrete answers through its unique solution. A cloud solution that has come a long way, that started from a blank sheet of paper and is now the richest on the market. These 30 million euros will allow us to strengthen our founding base and further open the way to great growth opportunities.

Where we’re going

This fundraising is historic for Whoz. It gives more substance to our mission and maximizes our desire to improve the staffing of companies.


So basically, what will those 30 million euros be used for ?

The strength of Whoz is above all its Whozzies. There are about 50 of us today, we’ll be 110 by the end of the year, and 200 by 2023. We want to continue to support our talents, to develop their expertise so that they can flourish within our amazing adventure.

Even more efficient, even more intuitive, the Whoz solution is far from having said its last word. Our 3D Factory, i.e. our Design product, Development and Data department, has a lot of ideas to make it grow again and again.

If Whoz has been dedicated to intellectual services companies for 6 years, the solution can be used and supported for many other activities. This fundraising will also be the means to extend our know-how to other markets.

We also aim to invest in the recruitment of specialists in NLP (Natural Language Processing) and more generally in Machine Learning.

Today, we are the leader in France. Tomorrow, we will be the European leader, then the world leader. Our solution is already present in more than 50 countries across all continents via our customers. This internationalization also translates our desire to open offices in the United States, Germany, the United Kingdom and India.

Thank you

If we are proud of this great news today, we are above all grateful.


Grateful for the loyalty of our customers, for the involvement of our team, for the insatiable curiosity of our partners, for the confidence of our investor.

Of the €30 million raised, €25 million came from PSG Equity.

This solid support is a real opportunity for Whoz. This partnership was built by listening and respecting our work. We look forward to the next few months and years with ambition, excitement and conviction.

The Whoz journey is great, the conquest is endless. Thank you all for following us and believing in our solution!

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Whoz raises 30 million euros in Series A!


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Christine a travaillé plus de 12 ans dans l’édition de logiciels et a développé une forte appétence pour la culture des données et la connaissance client. D’un bon relationnel, elle apprécie être au contact des autres et apporter le soutien nécessaire en vue de leur satisfaction.

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Christine a travaillé plus de 12 ans dans l’édition de logiciels et a développé une forte appétence pour la culture des données et la connaissance client. D’un bon relationnel, elle apprécie être au contact des autres et apporter le soutien nécessaire en vue de leur satisfaction.