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White paper

Vertical SaaS: The new Eldorado for organisations seeking performance


Vertical SaaS: The new Eldorado for organisations seeking performance

of organisations predict that verticality is the way of the future.
organisations in the professional services industry will need to transform in the short to medium term.
of users say that a vertical solution generates more opportunities and tangible benefits.

Key Insights

How can professional services companies take their business to the next level with a solution specifically designed for their challenges ?

The 4 pillars of vertical SaaS

  • Ultra-specialization : organizations can leverage their expertise with an industry-specific solution.
  • Cost : There is no longer any need to allocate an additional budget for personalization, as a technological base has been designed and developed for companies’ own needs. This means a real impact on commercial and therefore financial performance.
  • Scalability : Easily upgraded to meet changing needs, these solutions remain perfectly aligned with companies’ business.
  • Ecosystem : With minimal deployment time, vertical solutions integrate robustly and seamlessly with other products.