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Markess Blueprint 2022

Which solution for Professional Services Organisations who want to digitalise their staffing?


What solution for professional services organisations who want to digitalise their staffing?


Contexte of the research

Professional services organisations are facing major challenges: skills change rapidly, and talents are difficult to retain and recruit even when they are available. To successfully reconcile their business challenges with talent expectations, the priority is to digitalise their staffing. In this context, the Markess Blueprint® 2022 research examined several solutions.


What is this study about?

  • Challenges for professionnal services companies
  • To digitalise your staffing : what does it mean?
  • Overview of solutions
  • How Whoz meets the challenges

Key Insight

Among 15 other players on the market, the Markess Blueprint® 2022 research positions Whoz as the leading staffing solution to meet professional services organisations challenges.

Why is Whoz identified as the leader?

By meeting both the strategic challenges of decision-makers and the operational needs of team and project managers, Whoz stands out with a complete offer. Its skills-based model enables teams to identify and assign talents with a level of speed and precision unmatched on the market. Skills needs are detected in real time and decisions are made dynamically. Through a unified and collaborative operational process, Whoz enables to continuously fluidify the business, whatever the size and the working environment of the organization.