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  • Skills First Approach

    Unleashing Global talent Deployment: why Whoz’s Professional Services Ontology™ gives you the edge?

    In today’s fast-paced global business landscape, efficiently deploying professional talent is more crucial than ever for achieving success. As organizations expand globally, efficiently identifying, assessing, and deploying talent across diverse regions and markets becomes increasingly critical. At Whoz, we introduce a groundbreaking innovation that promises to reshape the landscape of talent management and deployment: the […]

  • project ressource management

    Improve your project resource management for better profitability

    Ensuring the project resource management, from its inception to its delivery, is not without its pitfalls. Planning it well, orchestrating it correctly, ensuring fluid communication with your team and your client, before delivering the project on time cannot be improvised. Equipping yourself with an innovative, efficient and intuitive solution remains the most reliable way to […]

  • new normal

    The path to the « New Normal »

    The global Covid-19 pandemic has paved the way for a new organization of work. Over the last two years, organizations have been faced with the rules of social distancing as well as the use of technology to maintain their activities. Since then, management has been reinvented, processes have been modernized and industrialized, and inter-departmental data […]

  • staffing professional services

    Digitalization of staffing: a challenge for Professional services

    In an article published by La Tribune, Jean-Philippe Couturier, CEO of Whoz, explains the interest of the digitalization of staffing, a challenge for Professional services. Whoz is a digital staffing platform for digital service companies, ensuring them a better margin. Professional services: an industry in full expansion The Professional services industry has evolved significantly over […]

  • staffing software

    Staffing software Whoz: technology purpose-built for Professional services

    In an article published on ITRnews, find out how the staffing software Whoz is putting AI to work for businesses and enabling them to bring out the communities of expertise. What is staffing software Whoz? Whoz is a pure-player in the digitalization of consulting firms’ staffing. This solution allows to map the company’s talents on […]