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Staffing software Whoz: technology purpose-built for Professional services

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In an article published on ITRnews, find out how the staffing software Whoz is putting AI to work for businesses and enabling them to bring out the communities of expertise.

What is staffing software Whoz?

Whoz is a pure-player in the digitalization of consulting firms’ staffing. This solution allows to map the company’s talents on a single platform. Whoz is intended for ESNs, consulting firms and design and engineering offices. Thanks to its advanced AI, Whoz offers a Talent Cloud that lists all available profiles. This allows them to respond much more quickly and efficiently to customer requests, and ensures better profitability. In addition, Whoz has features to assist companies in their decision making. Indeed, the platform allows the monitoring of KPIs with forecast indicators to maximize the company’s result.

Large Professional services companies, a huge market for Whoz

Since its inception in 2016, Whoz has been growing rapidly. This is even more the case with the health crisis, which has accelerated the digital transformation of digital service companies. Today Whoz manages a business volume of €1.8 billion for its customers. We note in particular Econocom, member of the top 10 French ESN, which deploys Whoz on 3,000 employees.

Alexandre Lecompte

CEO of Econocom

“In an industry that is constantly evolving technologically, we needed to take the pulse of our workforce and customer demand in real time: which consultant has which skills? What are their availabilities? This 360° vision allows us to quickly build multidisciplinary teams and to bring value to our clients on large-scale projects. It also allows for the emergence of communities of expertise and helps consultants to identify referents on whom to rely for training and growth within the company. To meet these challenges, we chose Whoz, because it is a collaborative, intuitive and very business-oriented solution. The whole team has the same information in real time, which allows us to improve our operational performance and to make the most of our expertise.

In 2021, monthly revenues that triple for Whoz?

Between 2019 and 2020, Whoz’s monthly recurring revenue grew fourfold. The start-up plans to triple it in 2021. Whoz is waiting for a fund raising to develop the solution in France but also abroad, and plans to recruit around 20 people to complete its team.

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