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Digitalization of staffing: a challenge for Professional services

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In an article published by La Tribune, Jean-Philippe Couturier, CEO of Whoz, explains the interest of the digitalization of staffing, a challenge for Professional services.

Whoz is a digital staffing platform for digital service companies, ensuring them a better margin.

Professional services: an industry in full expansion

The Professional services industry has evolved significantly over the past 30 years and will be worth 100 billion euros in France in 2019. Indeed, the Covid-19 health crisis and the democratization of telecommuting have accelerated the digital transformation of companies.

Jean-Philippe Couturier

CEO, Whoz

“The need for transformation of all companies and the shortage of engineers in the market guarantee a perennial growth of the intellectual service sector”

An industry with complex issues

The digitization of staffing has become a real challenge for the intellectual services sector. Indeed, companies need to counter the faster obsolescence of skills and the transformation of project management techniques. To do so, they need to improve the margin and delivery of projects. It is necessary to adopt a fast and relevant staffing. This is possible thanks to Whoz which provides access to a Talent Cloud listing all the profiles available to the company.

On the other hand, digital services companies are facing a new form of competition, the freelance platforms.

In addition, LBO funds are investing more and more in NSEs, and are looking for a return on their investments. Some funds are hiring Chief Digital Officers (CDOs) to support their portfolio companies in their digital transformation.

Whoz provides access to internal and external company profiles on a single platform, the Talent Cloud. This is possible thanks to a state-of-the-art AI, which highlights the most relevant profiles. As a result, the company makes more cost-effective staffing choices. Whoz allows the company to monitor the company’s KPIs, which are essential for the company’s decision making and improve its profitability.