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Product Marketing Manager by Laura Martinenghi

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Laura Martinenghi, 32 years old, made the decision to go back to school 7 years ago. Today, she is on the verge of completing her Master’s degree in work-study and currently works in the Product Marketing department at Whoz. She shares her experience within the Marketing team and her inspiring career transition from being a childcare assistant to becoming a Product Marketing Manager.

Hi Laura, can you tell us about your career path before joining Whoz?

Laura Martinenghi: “My journey is not your typical career path. I initially wanted to be a nurse and began working at a very young age as a childcare assistant in a nursery, even without a degree. However, a pivotal personal event led me to rethink my life choices. At 25, I decided to go back to school, passed my baccalaureate, and enrolled in a business school to earn a BTS in the management of small businesses. I found myself intrigued by digital marketing, so I pursued a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing and Communication. Following this, I achieved a Master’s degree in Marketing Communication Strategy Management at PPA Business School. It was during my work-study program at this school that I had the opportunity to join Whoz, which allowed me to experience the realities of the profession first-hand.”

How has your role evolved within the Whoz marketing team?

“My primary focus is to aid our 17-member Sales team by showcasing the value of our solution to our customers.”

L.M. : “I first joined Whoz in 2021 as a Research Officer in the Marketing team. This role enabled me to refine my interests and aspirations through a diverse range of tasks including community management, website redesign, event organization in Toulouse, and mailing campaigns. Over time, I transitioned to specialize in Product Marketing. Now, my primary focus is to aid our 17-member Sales team by showcasing the value of our solution to our customers. My tasks encompass industry and competitive intelligence, analysis of product challenges and positioning, and formulation of key messaging… “

What, in your opinion, are the main skills required for this role?

L.M.: “I believe that curiosity and a strong sense of team spirit are crucial. It’s essential to stay updated with the latest IT market trends, and to anticipate and adapt as needed. Understanding the organizational structure and challenges faced by service and consulting companies is also important. You need to know the key decision-maker personas, such as HR Directors, CFOs, CTOs, CEOs, and Corporate Communications Directors, so as to better address their needs and concerns. This role is highly rewarding as it allows you to directly contribute to the company’s growth. I’m currently focused on validating my Master’s degree by December, and my goal is to continue my journey at Whoz as a Product Marketing Manager.”

Why do you prefer to stay at Whoz rather than look for a position at another company?

“Whoz values my skills, not my status.”

L.M. : “Whoz values my skills, not my status. I feel like a full-fledged team member at Whoz, where I’m continually learning and growing. The company places a strong emphasis on the human aspect, providing ample opportunities for open communication and ensuring that every voice is heard. During the fundraising phase in 2022, we all had to adapt quickly as the organization underwent rapid changes. During this period, I was encouraged to voice my uncertainties and fears, which helped me clearly identify my aspirations. What I appreciate most about Whoz is the autonomy it provides, helping me to expand my skill set and lead projects effectively.”

Any final words?

“Prior to this, I hadn’t experienced the corporate world, let alone the start-up environment. I’ve found it to be the perfect place to test a multitude of projects and to continually evolve. I believe it’s ideal for individuals like me who are convinced that life can offer multiple career trajectories.”

What Laura also likes : Fun fact about Laura: Laura enjoys sports, travelling, and photography. She also loves DIY projects, especially transforming old furniture into stylish design pieces, … but also flea markets to help my father to find “ethnic weapons”, his job !

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