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Career focus: being a FrontEnd Dev by Emilie Dewintre

4 min.

Dev FrontEnd

Emilie Dewintre has been a member of the Whoz family for more than 3 years. She presents us her job as a FrontEnd Dev, in total remote in Saint-Omer in Pas-de-Calais (62). Professional background, skills, projects… This fan of board games also has a lot of ideas to create links with her colleagues, who are also 100% telecommuting.

Hello Emilie, what does your job as FrontEnd Dev consist of?

Emilie Dewintre : “I’ve been a developer since forever! I code on the FrontEnd of the Whoz application, the visible part of the app. In comparison, the BackEnd represents the behind-the-scenes workings of the application, like the databases. The application evolves at the pace of our users’ feedback and our internal objectives. Our strong growth implies new challenges: gaining more large customers means optimizing the app’s performance to accommodate more users simultaneously and host a larger volume of data. We also have to think about the different technological equipment of our customers. The goal: the solution must work for everyone with the same level of quality.”

What was your career path before Whoz?

E.D.: “Before being at Whoz, I was a developer in a communication agency. I was mainly working on websites. Each mission lasted maximum six months. At Whoz, it’s very different. Indeed, we are constantly developing the same product. So the challenge is to last in time and to adapt to changes. 

I discovered Whoz on the WeLoveDev website, a kind of application for companies and developers to meet. In fact, I was looking for a telecommuting position, which Whoz offered in total remote. It was an instant match! I really like working remotely, it makes it easier to balance work and personal life. I pick up my two children, aged 8 and 9, from school every day. But sometimes I suffer from isolation, having joined the company in the middle of a period of confinement… Fortunately, the team is very close despite the distance and we are listened to by our managers. A few key events during the year also allow us to get together to get to know each other better.”

How do you see the future at Whoz?

E.D.: “Very soon, I will add a string to my bow: part of my time will be devoted to making the link between the dev teams and the designers. This link is currently missing. My manager offered me this position when I told him I was losing interest in my current mission. I’m looking forward to it! And as I’m a big fan of board games – in particular Destinies, a narrative game that’s well put together, fluid and intuitive – I want to offer my colleagues, who are also totally remote, some playful moments to get to know each other better and collaborate… To be continued!”

In short, the FrontEnd Dev job at Whoz is…

Attached to the Dev Circle, composed of real enthusiasts, the front-end dev works within a Feature team composed of a Product Owner, back-end and front-end devs and a UX designer. The objective is to produce a solution focused on one part of the application to bring value to customers.


  • Take charge of the design and development of applications 
  • Ensure the quality of developments
  • Provide support to the functional design phase
  • Provide technical expertise on design choices
  • Work in collaboration with the product and deployment teams
  •  Whoz works in mono repo, the front-end components are in the repo with a use and a mechanic to manage the incremental build 
  • Work on scalability, performance, API’s and data flow management issues
  • Work with the Agile Method, with two-week sprints.

Type of profile

  • At least 5 years experience in Front-End development 
  • Good knowledge of microservices architectures
  • Good command of our stack: Angular Material, ngrx, Nx Javascript, Typescript, HTML5, SASS
  • Collaborative spirit and strong proposal force 
  • Passion for development which translates into a real desire to share your expertise with the team 
  • A real appetite for the product culture

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