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Whozzy’s word: Romain Petit, Senior Backend Developer

3 min.

Backend developer

Romain blows out his first candle at Whoz as a Senior Backend Developer. His adventure started during the year of all changes: fund raising, massive recruitment, international growth, rebranding or functional evolutions! This computer and electronics enthusiast based in the Vosges region of France has evolved along with the company and tells us how he helped create “chapters”, specialized technical teams. Interview.

Hello Romain, what does your job as a backend developer at Whoz consist of?

Romain Petit : “With my team, we develop the Whoz application’s functionalities related to the Talent Cloud, i.e. the profile and skills of the person to be staffed in the solution. On a daily basis, we work closely with a Product Owner, a designer and Frontend Developers. I am also the manager of a team of four developers who are experts in the application’s performance. The year 2022 was very eventful with the fund raising and the massive recruitment of new developers. This was an opportunity to propose new ways of organization. The idea of creating these “chapters” came up: specialized technical teams mobilized on specific subjects such as quality, security or performance. As far as we are concerned in the performance chapter, we work transversally on guidelines and tools to ensure the best possible performance for the Whoz application.”

What do you like about Whoz?

R.P. : “I was one of the first to join the new wave development team, just before the fundraising. I’ve seen everyone arrive, the teams grow, the new version of the application is born… I like to see these evolutions and contribute to them. What I also like at Whoz is to work with professionals who are experts in their field, using modern technical tools. Every day, I am getting more and more competent on the subject of staffing. My greatest satisfaction is to bring a solution to a functional problem, to make the application meet the customer’s needs as closely as possible. We identify, we search… it’s exciting to work in scale-up mode!”

What is your professional background?

R.P. : “I’m a self-taught person with a lifelong passion for computers, connected devices and even electro music, with 20 years of code practice. I even think about it when I sleep! A real developer’s soul. I started in high school by coding on a calculator and I recently created a program to control the boiler at home, and even made my own computer keyboard. So the computer is never far away… But I didn’t set out to become a developer, I studied product design, where I used the computer tool to make 3D drawings while coding for fun at the same time. And then, once I started working, I decided to make it my job. I went back to school and validated the knowledge I had accumulated by training as a JAVA analyst-programmer in evening classes at the “Conservatoire National des Arts et MĂ©tiers“. Mission accomplished: I joined Pharmagest Interactive (now Equasens), a subsidiary of the Welcoop group. Pharmagest is the publisher of the number one software for pharmacy management: LGPI as a junior developer then I quickly became Tech leader of an agile team of 7 people in the France pillar where I participated in the rather regulatory evolutions of this software.”