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Whoz, leading staffing solution by Markess: a rebranding that confirms this positioning

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In its study conducted in 2022, Markess placed Whoz on the top of the podium of staffing solutions. A leadership position that Whoz embodies and fully asserts today. Last November, Whoz presented a new brand identity and major functional evolutions. A new direction that allows Whoz to better respond to the needs of intellectual service organizations that want to connect their talents to their business. The promise? Optimize staffing processes, improve operational performance and maximize margin and revenue. Let’s take a look at this transformation, which marks a turning point for the leading Whoz solution.

Markess applauds the solution of staffing Whoz: what does his study say?

As a reminder, the French research and consulting firm of reference in the digital industry has sifted through 15 solutions on the market. Its long research work led to this conclusion: Whoz remains the most complete, with a value proposition that is more attractive than the others.

Kévin Kowu

Research Analyst – Digital RH, Markess by Exaegis

The Whoz staffing solution has two advantages: the first is to have been conceived and designed by former intellectual service providers and to integrate the contributions of AI in terms of automatic allocation of skills, and the second is to be able to link a reflection of talent and its retention in its value offer, via the mastery of the skill.

Of all the criteria analyzed, the functional scope is the most important. According to Markess, all staffing needs are simply covered. Service and consulting companies benefit from a unified workflow and can monitor talent assignments, project portfolio management and financial performance in real time. In addition, Markess highlights the solution’s rapid deployment and maximum data security. This leading status is also demonstrated by the solution’s highly customer-oriented interface. Ease of use and qualified support services allow teams to have their needs perfectly heard and met. Finally, Markess points to Whoz’s significant R&D effort, notably due to the 30 million euro fundraising that took place in May 2022.

In fact, Whoz ticks all the boxes to best support organizations in the hybridization of work, while meeting the needs of their customers as well as their employees. Today, more than ever, companies must rely on the best cloud technology to automate their staffing process. Whoz delivers on this with a strong promise of maximizing companies’ margin.

Nicolas Beyer

Senior Research Analyst, Markess by Exaegis

By digitizing the staffing and project management process, Whoz offers service companies a direct impact on their consultants’ occupancy rates and on the management of the stock of available skills within the organization.

A new version to better meet staffing needs

As mentioned above, Whoz unveiled its functional evolutions at the end of last year, in a new version of its staffing solution. With this V7, Whoz goes further and strengthens three main pillars:

  • Competency-based talent management: better identified expertise and experience, faster assignments, more opportunities, more positive work experience.
  • A dynamic business approach: more fluid and collaborative, more visibility for internal decision making, better sharing of talent and opportunities between entities.
  • Enhanced data protection: the solution is now ISO 27001 certified, SecNumCloud qualified, has a SecurityScorecarde score of 98/100 and Cybercadis score of 894/1000. This means that it is now even more effective in dealing with the risks of cyber attacks.

These functional evolutions reflect Whoz’s desire for performance, while remaining attentive to each talent in order to increase their loyalty. This improved version aims to consolidate Whoz’s position as a market leader, by being able to address organizations from 100 to 400,000 employees. This ambitious company remains committed to its fundamentals, with an unchanged objective: to provide service and consulting companies with an ultra-specialized solution that can maximize their margins and revenues.  

Whoz or THE staffing solution that aligns business and human issues

Because behind the technology, there is obviously the human element. Whoz works to reconcile the two in a solution that allows organizations to manage their staffing process while taking into account the aspirations of employees, and to make them more resilient and value creators. The AI developed tends to enhance the potential of each talent, thanks to a more accurate identification of their skill set. The result is better engagement, greater diversity, a more positive work experience, and greater value delivered to customers.

But beyond its new version, Whoz has reinforced its brand image. More modern, more streamlined, it now fully embodies its value proposition. With a new logo, a new color palette and a new website, this breath of fresh air gives Whoz a real boost towards a more mature and assertive positioning. This staffing leader has evolved its offer and its identity to support its coherence and distinguish itself from its competition. Today, Whoz capitalizes on its new identity codes to conquer new markets and compete with the major international players.

Nicolas Beyer

Senior Research Analyst, Markess by Exaegis

On the emerging market of resource management and staffing solutions, Whoz has quickly become one of the leading providers in France by meeting the needs of agility and talent retention. Its large user base and solid references allow it to aim wider, especially internationally.

Heading into 2023 more confident than ever

In the new year, Whoz will continue to expand the capabilities of its solution while expanding its global presence. The transformation of the services market is accelerating and their needs have evolved. They aspire to streamline their processes with a complete and vertical staffing solution. Today, only Whoz can meet this organizational need.

This common desire to digitize, to be supported by powerful technologies is rapidly increasing and only reflects the success that Whoz has experienced in 2022. Turning to a solution designed to optimize and improve staffing processes is becoming a priority for many organizations.

Kévin Kowu

Research Analyst – Digital RH, Markess by Exaegis

Its significant investments planned for the next two years should enable Whoz to consolidate its leadership position and continue to evangelize service companies and beyond in the reinvention of their staffing processes.